Utility Carts

Hobbit 2HHobbit 2H

Hobbit 2+2Hobbit 2-2


Hobbit 2HCX

Hobbit 2HCX

Hobbit 4HHobbit 2H

Hobbit 4+2Hobbit 4-2

Hobbit 6+2Hobbit 6+2

Hobbit Utility Cars - From Task to Solution with Confidence

No task is impossible when you have the right tool for the job.
AGT designs and builds the Hobbit line to be the most versatile,
reliable, economical and task oriented electric vehicle on the market.

Multifunctional - Use the right tool for the job

Save Money - Cheaper than Gas carts

More driving time - Less maintenance

High Grade Steel Body

32km/h - 20 mph

Automotive Style Dash


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Services include: Maintenance, repair, modification, winterizing and winter storage

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