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AGT Zephyr - Explore your world with True Ride

Picking the perfect cart can be a challenge but the AGT AGT Zephyr line makes it easy. Attractive, dependable and always up to the task, AGT carts are designed to be top of the class.


AGT Zephyr 2+2 - 2 Seat Electric Golf CartZephyr 2+2


AGT Zephyr 2H with Cargo BoxZephyr 2H

AGT Zephyr 4H with Small Dump BoxZephyr 4H


AGT Zephyr 4+2 Seat Electric Golf CartZephyr 6H


AGT Zephyr 2HCX with Dump BoxZephyr 2HCX


Enjoy your surroundings - No fumes, no noise

Save Money - Cheaper than Gas carts

More driving time - Less maintenance

Take it on the Road - Transport Canada approved

Up to 80 km range per charge

Optional Sunroof Solar Panel

Automotive Style Dash


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Services include: Maintenance, repair, modification, winterizing and winter storage

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