Cricket Golf Cars

Cricket 2 Seat Electric Golf CartCricket 2

Cricket 2 Seat Electric Golf CartCricket 2T

Cricket 4 Seat Electric Golf CartCricket 4

Cricket 6 Seat Electric Golf CartCricket 6

Cricket Golf Cars - Refined with Sporty Elegance

You love the game, you train to improve your performance, and
you practice to play better. AGT uses the same attitude
to achieve the highest levels of sophistication, innovation and
refinement in its Cricket series of golf cars,

Enjoy your surroundings - No fumes, no noise

Save Money - Cheaper than Gas carts

More driving time - Less maintenance

Up to 80 km range per charge

Optional Sunroof Solar Panel

Automotive Style Dash


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Services include: Maintenance, repair, modification, winterizing and winter storage

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